Lube Oil Mist Eliminator

Removes Visible Emissions from Reservoir Vents

Mist EliminatorMany operators of large high speed rotating machinery have recognized the problems created by oil mists vented to the atmosphere from the lube oil reservoirs. R.K. Chase Company offers a fully engineered, package system to control this problem.

The Problem

Large high speed rotating equipment such as turbines and compressors use recirculated oil for lubricating and cooling the bearings. The mechanical forces generate small particles and the high temperatures cause the lubricating oil to vaporize. These vapors condense into small particles upon cooling. These small particles form the "blue haze" that exhausts from the reservoir vent. In addition to being an air pollutant, this oil mist coats the surrounding area causing safety and housekeeping problems.

The Solution

The R.K. Chase Co. Lube Oil Mist Eliminator – a fully engineered package designed to control the problem created by lube oil mist vented to the atmosphere.

Our lube oil mist eliminator uses high efficiency elements to collect the very small particles. Depending on the design, 98 to 99.9% of even the submicron particles are captured. This captured oil may be recycled back to the reservoir. The coalescing elements are self draining and will operate for years without replacement.

The mist eliminator element uses Brownian diffusion to collect submicron particles. Brownian diffusion is the principle that small particles exhibit rapid random movement as a result of being jostled by the gas molecules. The mist eliminator element is sized to operate at low media velocities and is designed for increased residence time through the element media. This assures the probability that the small particles will collide and coalesce on the element media allowing the captured oil to be returned back to the lube oil reservoir.

We have been supplying custom design lube oil mist eliminator systems to the turbine industry for over twenty years and have thousands of successful installations world wide. Because of the longevity of our elements and the high quality components used in our systems, our mist eliminators are proven to be very reliable and operate for years with only minimal maintenance.